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Pasta Cooking Tips

Past in hand

We highly recommend to panfry gnocchi after boiling. (To pan fry gnocchi heat frying pan to a very hot temperature and add a small amount of oil. Add gnocchi to hot pan, ensuring that they are well drained. Pan fry to desired liking. Season.

Do not defrost pasta prior to boiling. CJ’s Pasta contains fresh eggs and is snap frozen after manufacturing to prevent spoilage. The use of fresh eggs, not egg powder in pasta is essential in ensuring 100% quality in taste.

When cooking spaghetti; linguine; angel hair or fettuccine make sure each bundle is separated by using a pasta fork (a spoon/fork that has prongs).

When cooking pasta, be sure to time the pasta when the water comes back to the boil – not from the time you place the pasta into the water.

Make sure you use a pot large enough for the amount of pasta you are cooking. Remember the quantity of 5 litres of water to 500 grams of pasta.

Frozen lasagnes need to be completely defrosted before reheating.

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