Secret Pasta Club

Introducing CJ’s Secret Pasta Club, Brisbane’s answer to Little Italy in West End’s own backyard.

Every weekday and Saturday’s too, from 5-8pm on a backstreet of West End’s foodie quarter, the candles are lit, the gnocchi is being hand-rolled and the fridge is chilling in anticipation for your BYO vino. It’s a club where the only rule is to enjoy oneself. 

Featuring a daily rotating menu inspired by Executive Chef Dario Milano’s north-west Italian roots (think the home of truffles, gorgonzola, Castelmango…), no two nights are ever the same at Secret Pasta Club with delicious hand-cut pastas, rustic sauces and to-die-for traditional Italian desserts.

Take your time and enjoy the casual European intimacy of our little home, housing just 14-seats and a small handful of tables positioned around an open kitchen where you can watch the evening’s meals being created before your hungry eyes.

BYO and conveniently walking distance to the Orleigh Park Ferry Terminal, the pasta club is now open Monday to Saturday 5pm – 8pm and can remain our little secret! 

Bookings: Call or text 0448 244 155